How 1 Man Transported A Lot Of Groceries On JUST A Scooter

Jordan Flom / Facebook

A couple was sitting in the parking lot of Walmart when they stumbled upon something truly remarkable.

They were about to leave the parking lot when they saw a man carrying two handfuls of groceries to a parking spot that had a Lime scooter parked in it.

It was a sight to behold, and the couple was so entertained that they immediately took out their camera to capture the moment while guessing what they thought the man was about to do.

The man had devised an ingenious hack for getting his groceries home on his scooter, and it was unlike anything the couple had ever seen before.

Jordan Flom / Facebook

In the video, the Walmart shopper was standing near the couple’s truck next to his scooter, unloading his grocery bags from a shopping cart before leaving them to push the cart to one of the cart corrals.

The couple behind the camera filming giggled as they watched the man then secure a belt around his waist before decking it out with a selection of carabiner clips.

Jordan Flom / Facebook

After that, the man pulled out a high-visibility safety vest that had been modified with zip ties before adding even more carabiners to hold his groceries.

The curious couple finally decided to offer him a helping hand, rolling down the window to ask if he was okay. The man confirmed that he had everything under control and candidly revealed that he did this every week.

Jordan Flom / Facebook

The couple laughed and continued to watch in awe as he attached each grocery bag to the clips around his waist and chest. The woman in the video commented, “I have never seen a technique like this, but it looks pretty good.”

The Walmart shopper looked up and noticed he was being filmed and then chuckled and greeted the pair by waving his hand.

The man filming lowered his car window and complimented the guy by saying he was “impressed” and called the technique “incredible.”

The scooter rider explained why he was doing what he was doing, saying,“If you don’t have a car, it works well.”

At one point, he even walked over to the couple in the truck and asked the man on the driver’s side to help him attach some grocery bags to the clip on his back.

Jordan Flom / Facebook

The driver was glad to help him and after they were done, the last thing the man did was pull out a baby carrier backpack and put the watermelon inside of it so that it could be transported safely.

Despite being heavily weighed down by his shopping bags and watermelon, the man remained unfazed as he hopped onto his scooter and rode off into the distance, leaving the couple stunned by his ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The couple could not believe that someone had come up with such an inventive way to transport their groceries. It was a truly remarkable sight that they’ll probably never forget.

Watch The Walmart Shopper Footage Below