High School Student Denied Diploma After Praising Jesus In Graduation Speech

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Micah Price, a senior at Campbell County High School, went off script during his commencement speech, and it temporarily cost him his diploma.

For most young adults, graduating high school marks an exciting milestone and celebrates the completion of an important chapter of their lives. For Kentucky native Micah Price, the occasion turned into a contentious situation where his right to free speech was called into question.

Price was a featured student chosen to give a speech at the commencement ceremony for his high school. According to Superintendent Shelli Wilson, school administrators must pre-approve all student speeches.

The young man reportedly submitted multiple drafts of his speech to school officials and was told to omit the portions that focused heavily on religion. He was given approval only to “thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Campbell County High School

Micah Price praises God during his speech despite warnings from school administrators.

When Price stepped up to the microphone in front of his classmates, he spoke boldly:

“Class, before another word leaves my mouth, I must give the honor, the praise, and the glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who in his very words tells us He is the light, He is the way, the truth and life. Class, anyone in the audience today, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t have any of those things in your life and can’t seem to find the answer, then my Lord and Savior is your answer.”

As a result, he did not receive his diploma after the ceremony like the rest of his class. Watch the full speech below! 

Micah responds to online backlash after his story goes viral.

Since graduation, Price has posted a handful of videos on TikTok that address the situation. He explained that he was aware of the rules and, because of this, acknowledged that he was “in the wrong technically.” He goes on to express that he has “no bad blood” to the school faculty who were just doing their job.

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It was confirmed by the superintendent that “all speakers were told that going off their submitted speech, or any unplanned choices at graduation, may have repercussions as they would at any school function.

Price eventually received his diploma after a required meeting in front of the school board. He plans to join the Air Force in the fall.