Here’s What Happens To The Food Ree Drummond Cooks On Her Show

Ree Drummond / Facebook

For years, we have been watching Ree Drummond cook her recipes in her Oklahoma kitchen on her show The Pioneer Woman.

From delicious comfort food dishes like chicken fried steak to her famous Dump Cake, Drummond can cook just about anything – and she’ll show us how on her Food Network Show.

She is always making the most delicious-looking food on her show, which she films from her family’s ranch in Oklahoma, and we always wonder what happens to all the leftovers when she is done!

Apparently, the answer is easy – her family eats it! Ree’s husband, Ladd is a fourth-generation cattle rancher, so he and the other cowboys help out when there are leftovers to eat. The five Drummond kids – Alex, Paige, Bryce, Todd, and their foster son Jamar – also help out.


“If my family doesn’t finish it off, the crew definitely will,” she says. Currently, her crew – most of which are based in the UK – can’t travel to her ranch to film, so her daughters have been helping film her show.

There are a few instances where the food has to stay out for a long time and becomes inedible for anyone, but Drummond has a plan for that as well!

“In those cases when the food needs to be held on to a little longer for photography or other reasons, the Drummond dogs are the happy recipients,” she says.

Watch her make her famous Mac and Cheese recipe below.