Herd Of Elk Take Over Street In Oregon Neighborhood

ViralHog / YouTube

It seems like something out of a dream (or a nightmare): You look out your living room window and see a wall of elk flooding into the street. And they just keep coming.

In Gearhart, Oregon, a crazy number of elk began walking through a small-town neighborhood and it seemed like the number kept multiplying by the second! Elk are known to be social, and it’s not unusual for them to travel in herds. Numbers can range up to 400 in each herd, it’s not uncommon to see large groups of these giants roaming near roadways or in fields.

Seeing them in a residential area, however, is not nearly as common.

One of the residents of Gearhart shot the above video of the elk moving through her street, mesmerized by the number of elk and their sheer size.Deforestation and construction are driving wild animals out of their natural habitats in many areas, and humans and wild animals are experiencing an unprecedented number of close encounters.If you happen to see a large group of elk (in a wild or residential setting), keep your distance. While elk aren’t usually aggressive and will likely keep their distance, these animals are enormous, and could easily cause bodily harm, especially if you encounter a mama elk with babies nearby.

Watch the video below.