Heartbroken Nicole Kidman Reveals Painful Miscarriages


While she’s the loving mother of four beautiful children, there were some very dark times surrounding her efforts to reach that point – and she’s speaking out about it in a candid new interview.

Nicole Kidman, a cherished actress, and wife of country music star Keith Urban has come clean on this issue that affects so many women but isn’t commonly talked about. In a new interview with Tatler Magazine, she explained her own struggles with conception and how that has affected her.

Kidman, who was married once before to actor Tom Cruise, explained the deep sense of grief and loss she felt when she had a couple miscarriages while married to him.

“I know the yearning. That yearning. It’s a huge, aching yearning. And the loss! The loss of a miscarriage is not talked about enough,” Nicole confessed. “That’s massive grief to certain women.”

She suffered her first miscarriage in 1990 as the result of an ectopic pregnancy. Together, Kidman and Cruise adopted two children following that. Later, in 2001, she suffered another miscarriage. That was the same year that her marriage to Tom Cruise ended.

Just a few years later, she and Urban wed in 2006 – and they welcomed two beautiful girls in 2008 and 2010 with the help of surrogacy.

“There’s an enormous amount of pain and an enormous amount of joy on the other side of it,” Nicole said about becoming a parent. “The flipside of going through so much yearning and pain to get there is the feeling of ‘Ahhhh!’ when you have the child.”


Her pain was real and incredibly difficult. Even though she suffered the terrible grief and loss of the two miscarriages, she is truly grateful for how her life has turned out – and the blessings of all her children.