Harnesses Can Be Used To Take Chickens On Walks

(Left) essexcountycoop / Instagram/(Right) mychickens05 / Instagram

Do you happen to own a chicken? Do you find yourself wishing that you could take said chicken with you everywhere you go?

While you could transport a pet chicken in the past, it’s never been an easy task. There’s always the risk that your feathered friend could escape and take off on a dead sprint, making the “how did the chicken cross the road?” riddle a reality.

Sure, you could hold and carry your chicken, but that’s tiring and leaves you without free use of your hands.

But if you want to bring your chicken-walking dreams to life without dealing with the above issues, have no fear. Chicken harnesses are here!

Yes, you read that right. Just as you harness up your dog (or cat, or mini horse, or guinea pig, etc.) to take them out for a stroll, you can now do the same with chickens.

There are various chicken harnesses available for sale on Amazon, and people seem to love them. Here are just a few positive reviews left on a couple of different chicken harnesses for sale.


If you’d like to look into getting a chicken harness of your own, this one and this one seem to be two of the most popular. And if you already have a chicken harness, we’d love to see photos of your chicken wearing it.

Walking a chicken sure seems like it could be a lot of fun!