Hank Williams Jr. Shows Off His Easter Day Hunt

Hank Williams Jr / Twitter

If there’s one thing Hank Williams Jr. knows how to be, it’s a country boy. He embodies his 1981 song to the nth degree.

In “A Country Boy Can Survive,” he sings, “I live back in the woods you see / My woman and the kids and the dogs and me / I got a shotgun, a rifle and a four-wheel drive / And a country boy can survive / Country folks can survive.”

Hank Jr. does live “back in the woods” and owns all of the things he sings about in “Country Boy Can Survive.” He’s always been an outdoorsman, but now at the later part of his career, where he isn’t touring 24/7 anymore, he takes advantage of the great outdoors!

He often posts photos on social media of his escapades and he usually brings his family with him. On February 9th, he took his granddaughters on their very first deer hunt.


On January 20th, he also shared a photo of him with his two son-in-laws, and wrote, “The REAL Williams Family Tradition.” The family tradition Williams usually speaks about is music, drinking, and smoking.

Over Easter weekend, Hank Jr. went back to his family tradition by going turkey hunting.

“Happy Easter to everyone from ‘The Country Boy’. I didn’t see the Easter Bunny but I did find this big turkey down in Alabama!” he wrote alongside a photo of himself holding up his kill. See the post below!

Wonder if it’ll keep until Thanksgiving…