Hank Williams Jr. Is Rewarding $6,000 To Whoever Can Find His Grandpa’s Shotgun


Getty Image / Joe Thomas / Contributor


Hank Williams Jr. is on the hunt for his grandfather’s shotgun and has a pretty penny to match in return!


#FlashbackFriday how a country boy can survive…a young Hank Jr. and he still loves guns.

Posted by Hank Williams Jr. on Friday, June 26, 2015

On May 17, Williams’ attorney Steve Smith sent out a reward flyer from Bocephus himself. The flyer provides a picture of the gun with the model: Remington Model 11/48 16-gauge shotgun. The serial number will end with 58111. Williams writes this message,

“To all my Cullman friends,

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in South Alabam with my Granddad Sheppard. Now I’m looking for his shotgun. I want to pass that old Remington down to my children and grandchildren.

I believe it’s in this area, and I’m willing to give the person who has it fifty $100 dollar bills, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, no chance of criminal prosecution.”

Signed sincerely by Hank Williams Jr.

Smith also clarified on his Facebook post that Williams is not suggesting that the shotgun was stolen meaning there will be no risk of any follow-up if they find the beloved shotgun. They believe it was probably lost when Williams moved from Cullman to Paris – “possibly from his cabin on Smith Lake.”

It has also been noted that if the finder would prefer their reward in the form of a gun or guitar, they would be able to arrange that exchange with the proper certification of course.

NEW AND IMPROVED OFFER TO HELP FIND THIS SHOTGUN!!!The money is still there plus a $1000 finders fee to whoever can…

Posted by Steve Smith on Friday, May 17, 2019

If you believe you have the shotgun, you can email Steve Smith at [email protected] or refer to the phone numbers on the flyer.