Hank Jr. Speaks Out About Johnny Cash & Their Mutual Love Of Cannons

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 Hank Williams Jr., the renowned country singer known for his rebellious nature and powerful performances, is not only a force to be reckoned with in the music industry but also when it comes to his unique collection of historical cannons.

Yes, you heard that right. Hank Jr. has a deep appreciation for 1800s military collectibles, and his collection is nothing short of impressive.

In a rare glimpse into his private world, captured in footage from an Audience Network special and later reshared to YouTube, Hank took the cameramen on a tour of his extraordinary collection. As he walked among the cannons, he regaled the group with fascinating stories about his hobby. One particular cannon, known as the 10-pound-Parrott, caught his attention.

With a mischievous glint in his eye, Hank described its capabilities, saying, “You could put this through somebody’s kitchen window 1,000 yards out here. The Civil War had ’em real accurate, that’s why it was so awful…

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Why Does Hank Jr Love Civil War Cannons?

What truly draws Hank to these weapons is their historical significance. He has expanded his collection to include pieces of unique war history, such as Robert Parrott’s appointment papers to West Point, signed by none other than John C. Calhoun, the Secretary of War. Hank is truly captivated by the stories and legacies associated with these cannons.

But Hank’s love for cannons doesn’t end with him. He shared a surprising connection with the legendary Johnny Cash, another larger-than-life figure in the world of music. As Hank reminisced about their friendship, he revealed that Johnny also had a passion for history.

The two “rowdy friends” would often embark on metal-detecting adventures together. In fact, when Hank was just fifteen years old, Johnny would visit his house, and they would play with a real U.S. Civil War cannon in the front yard.

Their playful antics caused quite a stir in the neighborhood, with one neighbor even requesting that they aim the cannon away from his house to prevent his books from falling off the shelves.

The bond between Hank and Johnny grew stronger over time, and it was evident that their shared love for history played a significant role. In a touching gesture, Hank gifted Johnny a rare Nashville Confederate built cannon, which the “Ring of Fire” singer cherished for over two decades.

Following Johnny’s passing, his son contacted Hank and informed him that his father had specifically requested the cannon be returned to Hank. The news left Hank speechless, a rare occurrence for the usually charismatic and outspoken performer.

The stories of Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny Cash’s love for cannons not only shed light on their unique hobbies but also reveal a deeper connection between these two iconic figures.

Their shared interest in history and their rebellious spirits cemented a friendship that went beyond the boundaries of music. So, the next time you listen to Hank Jr. or Johnny Cash, remember that behind their captivating performances and timeless hits lies a love for cannons and the stories they tell.

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