Handcrafted Amish Log Cabins Built And Delivered

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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a log cabin, that might be a goal that’s now within reach. Thanks to a Kentucky-based Amish Cabin Company and community of Amish builders, constructing your own log cabin is made simple and low cost.


The log cabins are certified and built to code based on the specific area they will end up. This means that buyers can rest easy and not have to worry about sorting through any legal building codes.


Constructed out of beautiful and sturdy white pine, each cabin is built to suit the customer’s needs. Lofts in the floor plan and lots of windows to let in natural sunlight are additional options available. Optional porches can be added and are completely customizable. These cozy log cabins are perfect for people with additional property or who might simply want another structure on their land.


Pre-assembled cabins get transported on a trailer and hand-delivered directly to new buyers. New owners can also purchase solar-powered roofs to supply their cabin with electricity. These modular homes also may come with heating installation, extra bathrooms, functional dormers, and more.


Each cabin is completely customizable and potential buyers can receive quotes via Amish Made Cabins.

For a look inside check out the video below.