Gwen Stefani Spills Details About Proposal Story On “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

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Gwen Stefani dropped by The Kelly Clarkson Show to spill exactly how Blake Shelton got down on one knee.

The couple was scheduled to make a trip back to Oklahoma, where Shelton had planned to pop the big question. Stefani, having no idea about the proposal, almost canceled the family travel plans. The pop star stated:

“I had no idea, obviously. I just was like…In fact, I was trying to get out of going back to Oklahoma because it was getting too complicated with COVID and the family, and I’m like, ‘I think we should just cancel the trip.'”


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Eventually, Stefani was persuaded to travel. The pop star explained that her children and Shelton’s sister were all in Oklahoma, but ultimately, no one knew what was about to happen.

“Like nobody knew,” Stefani told Kelly. “My dad knew because on my birthday, he [Blake] had showed my dad and said he was gonna do it.”

Shelton eventually herded Stefani and her children back to the main property for “hobo stew.” The family was gathered around a fireplace when Shelton decided to make his move. The country singer got down on his knees to act like he was about to tend to the fire.


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“He was like getting down on his knees to do a fire,” Stefani explained. “And he goes, ‘Hey, can you look in that cabinet over there and get me a fire starter?’ So I open the cabinet, and there was like a ring in a box!”

Stefani gushed about the moment and even had to pause to collect herself. While there is no video taken of the couple’s engagement, Shelton’s sister snapped photos, including the picture that the couple used to share the news for the first time on social media.

“It was a pretty magical moment,” Stefani beamed.


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You can watch Stefani’s full interview about the engagement day in the video below!