Guy Burns Himself Trying To Throw Boiling Water Into The Cold Air

Chris Kieger / YouTube

Chris Kieger was trying to film a video of himself throwing scalding hot water into the air when he accidentally burned the back of his leg.

This happened to him back in January 2019 and the video went absolutely viral after he posted it to his YouTube channel getting more than 1.3 million views.

It’s a slow-motion video that starts off showing Chris standing in front of his garage in just a pair of sandals and his underwear extending both his arms out and holding a pot of freshly boiled water.

It’s obviously freezing cold outside because you can see the snow and ice in the yard and on the driveway where Chris was standing, and as the video continues in slow-motion fashion, he begins to toss the scolding hot water into the air.

Chris Kieger / YouTube

Everything appeared to be going to plan, the water was flying upwards into the air and transforming into a cloud of snow, however, a portion of the hot water came raining back down landing on Chris’s right calf.

Feeling the burn, that’s when you knew it hurt him because he lifted his leg into the air, dropped the pan, and hopped on his good leg while holding onto his burnt one.

Chris wrote in the description of the video, “The air was cold, my calf was scalding.” 

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