Guy Brings Dog With Its Fur Dyed As Pikachu To NBA Game

@cjzero / Twitter

A video of a man with his dog attending an NBA game on December 27 went absolutely viral on Twitter showing him holding his dog which was dyed with bright yellow colors to look like the most popular pokemon, Pikachu.

It was a Miami Heat vs. Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game and the video was viewed more than 1.9 million times. The dog was not only dyed in all bright yellow, but had rosy red cheeks, black ears, and brown stripes on the back of his body, just like the cartoon character.

The fluffy dog was realistically the same size as the Pokemon which made the imagination run wild and cause fans, along with those watching it on social media to take a double look.

Those commenting on the video posted to Twitter by @cjzero had quite the field day trying to explain what it was they were looking at.

One commented, “What is that? What in the world?”

Another said, “I don’t think that dog signed off on that paint job.”

Others just posted funny Pikachu GIFs to add to the Pokemon-themed post.


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Although many people admired how accurately the dog was transformed into the cartoon character, others were not so impressed. Others called it downright “animal abuse.”

“That’s freaking gross,” one Twitter user said.

“Put that pet owner in a cage – behind bars,” another added.

“Idiot! poor dog, this country is so ridiculous,” commented another Twitter user.

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Watch Footage Below Of The Pikachu Dog Below