Gruff, Bluesy Rocker Crushes ‘Voice’ Debut With Stevie Ray Vaughan Classic

YouTube / The Voice

This 27-year-old musician has spent a good amount of time in the Middle East performing for deployed American troops and now he’s taking his incredible talent to one of the biggest stages on TV – The Voice!

Chris Kroeze has dreamed of being a professional musician for his entire life and this small town Wisconsin native is giving his all for his shot at stardom in his first ever blind audition.

Singing one of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s iconic hits, Kroeze unleashed his gruff, growling voice with an unprecedented amount of power and guitar licks that rival some of the best this show has ever seen.

Each one of the coaches were dancing in their chairs while their ears perked up and they jammed out to Vaughans’ 1983 super-hit “Pride and Joy.”

Singing along with this wildly-talented performer, it wasn’t too long before the coaches started hitting their buttons and vying for him to take a spot on their teams – surprisingly, he didn’t earn a four-chair turn, though!

Blake Shelton was the first to turn around and he said that Kroeze’s soulful sound was completely “electrifying,” but Kroeze also earned a turn from powerhouse soul songstress Jennifer Hudson.

Unsurprisingly, this bluesy rocker chose Shelton as his coach, but not after a strong pitch from Hudson, too!

“I heard a mighty voice, so I don’t care what genre you sing – so I’m here to compete for you, now Blake what you gonna do?”

Take a peek at Chris Kroeze’s full pre-show interview and his high-def audition in the videos below and let us know what you thought of his performance in the comments!