Great White Shark Breaks “Air Jaws” Record With 15-Foot Jump

@SharkWeek / Twitter

Shark Week is a week-long special on the Discovery Channel that delivers one of the most exciting sea life content on television. This year’s Shark Week celebrates the 20th anniversary of “Air Jaws.”

The season kicked off last Sunday, August 9th, 2020, with the program Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach that premiered some brand new impressive fish-out-of-water moments.

The TV show was recorded on Seal Island in South Africa and is about experts competing to deliver the best footage of sharks breaching the surface of the water. Several methods are used by experts to capture these moments: drone technology, tow cameras, night vision cameras and more.

However, the pictures Chris Fallows was able to capture using his tow camera shows a great white shark flying 15 feet into the air and breaks the record for the Ultimate Air Jaws breach.

“This was unbelievable!” Chris said in the video posted in Discovery Channel. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that picture is worth a thousand breaches. I can’t believe how high it came out, it was just perfect… a photo you dream of,” he added.

The great white was a 15-foot male easily identifiable by its two reproductive organs in its underside. Fans who watched the Sunday documentary shared their emotions on how wonderful these shark breaches are on Twitter.

“#airjaws could never be boring. I’m amazed with every single breach.” wrote one of the fans on Twitter.

Air Jaws has been a highly watched show on Shark Week since 2001. Director Jeff Kurr explained to TV Insider that Chris’ “unbelievable breaches” are “probably the best he’s ever filmed.”