Grandson Posts Photo Of Grandpa In Hospital Having Last Beer With Sons Before Passing Away

Adam Schemm / Twitter

Having Last Beer With Grandpa

Adam Schemm, from Wisconsin, posted a picture to his Twitter account on November 20th showing the men in his family having one last beer with his grandpa before passed away.  

Answering Grandpa’s Dying Wish

The picture taken by Adam shows his grandpa’s hospital bed with his father and uncles there answering their dad’s dying wish to drink a beer with him. The men can be seen standing around the hospital bed, each holding a bottle or cup of beer as they smiled for the picture.

“My grandfather passed away today. Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons,” Adam wrote.

Adam’s heartfelt post hit the emotions of many and inspired the Twitter community to flood his post with thousands of comments. People shared similar pictures of them having “one last” drink with their loved one before passing.

The Picture Goes Viral On Twitter

Since the day he posted the picture, Adam’s post has received over 30 thousand retweets, 334,000 likes and thousands of comments. Most people were expressing their condolences for Adam and his situation.

Nothing is worse than losing a loved one, but then again nothing is better to that loved one than to be surrounded by all the people they love before crossing over. Sorry for your loss Adam, may we all get to be with our loved ones too when it’s our time.