Gingerbread House Arrives With Huntsman Spider Inside

Katie Gompertz / Facebook

Huntsman spiders are known to infiltrate people’s homes and surprise them when they are the least expecting it. Yet, the story shared by Katie Gompertz on her Facebook page is on an entirely new level.

December is the month of Christmas and family traditions, and for some, making a gingerbread house is one of them. Gingerbread houses are built with pieces of baked gingerbread assembled with melted sugar. Icing is used as decoration to represent snow and its other beauties.

Making a beautiful gingerbread house is not always an easy task and some people prefer to just buy a ready-made gingerbread house from the store instead of trying to make it from scratch themselves.

As Katie decided to do this for her “2020 gingerbread house,” she was not expecting the delivery to include an unwelcome invader. The giant spider had infiltrated the packaging and lurked within holding her eggs and making the gingerbread house her new home.

Katie was astonished by this and wrote on her post, “Seriously I don’t say this often but: why me?”

In less than a few days, the post went viral and had over 1.7k shares, 133 comments, and 848 likes. Among the comments Katie received, some people reacted to the discovery in a frightful way, others cared about the spider’s life, and some people wondered how the heck the store missed the existence of such a critter before sending the package off to the customer.

“Is that the extra protein gingerbread house?” Ingrid Robertson wrote on the post.

“Omg!!! Complete with egg sack so it’s been in there a long while!!! Who the hell packed that order?!?” Elle Morgan-Thomas added.

“So random, but please don’t hurt the spider. Just pop her outside with her egg sack. She won’t cause you any harm,” Janelle Vickery pleaded.

With a good sense of humor, Katie answered back to Janelle, “Mrs/Ms H has been relocated onto the back deck until more suitable accommodation can be found.”

While several Facebook commenters questioning Woolworth’s Gingerbread house quality, the store reached out in the comments as well and offered a replacement without the spider.

Woolworths wrote, “Oh no Katie – this critter just wanted a home, but this is definitely not the right one for her! Thanks for letting us know, and we apologise for the scary surprise. After all, it’s Christmas, not Halloween. Please feel free to return the gingerbread house to our store service desk for a replacement – one without an added houseguest! We’ll also be following this up with our supplier, as this certainly should not have passed quality control. Thanks!” 

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