George Strait’s Love Interest From “Pure Country” Reveals What It Was Like to Work With Him

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Pure Country Was Released On This Day in 1992 

The Western musical drama, Pure Country, was released on October 23, 1992, and it was the first time that the King of Country Music, George Strait, graced the cinema screen. In the movie, Strait plays one of the biggest rising stars in country music who grows weary of meaningless shows and appearances and decides to forego his career. 

In an effort to become grounded, Strait’s character returns to working on a farm and ultimately falls in love with the farm owner’s daughter, Harley, played by Isabel Glasser. 

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Isabel Glasser Says Working With George Strait Was “A Dream” 

In a 1992 interview with Bobbie Wygant, Isabel Glasser reveals what it was like to work on the film with George Strait. Even though Strait was brand new to the acting scene, Glasser compared his demeanor on set to that of seasoned actor Mel Gibson. 

“George has such an ease as a performer and I think he was able to bring a lot of that to the movie set.” 

The pair also talked about how Strait did all of his own riding and roping in the film, joking that he must have been “born in the saddle.” 

The Pure Country Soundtrack Outperformed The Movie   

Unfortunately, the response to the film was mediocre at best, earning only $15 million when the budget to shoot the film was $10 million. However, the soundtrack (also titled Pure Country) was wildly successful and remains George Strait’s best-selling album to date, with over 60 million copies sold worldwide. 

The album contains mega-hits “I Cross My Heart” and “Heartland.” 

See the romantic scene where Dusty Wyatt Chandler (Strait) sings “I Cross My Heart” to Harley Tucker (Glasser) below!