Garth Brooks Says He Enjoys Listening To His Own Music, “I Love Me”

The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

Garth Brooks is one of the biggest country music stars in the genre’s history. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the singer enjoys listening to his own music as much as his fans do.

In a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson, the host asked Garth if he listens to his old stuff. He responded, “Oh yeah! … I love me.” 

The response sent Kelly into a fit of laughter, while Garth seemed to be embarrassed by his confession. “I can’t believe I just said that. I’m getting way too comfortable around you,” he said.

Kelly quickly came to his defense and admitted that she also enjoys looking back on her own accomplishments with pride.

“There’s some things I look back on and I’m like, ‘I did good on that one.’ I get proud and I do listen to it. I’m a lot of my own listens on YouTube. Sometimes you do get really proud of certain things you do,” Clarkson said. “When we were kids in Oklahoma and Texas it was our dream to get to accomplish this. So you want to really take advantage of that and recognize the blessings.”

In the interview, Garth also shared details about his upcoming concert at his new Nashville establishment, Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk.

The concert will take place Friday, November 24, and will mark the first-ever event in the new venue. The “Dive Bar” concert will air on Amazon following the inaugural Black Friday NFL game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Garth promises that his set will include chart-topping hits, fan favorites, and deep cuts from his discography, as well as tracks from his upcoming studio album, Time Traveler.


“Prime Video will provide free access to AML—even to those without a Prime membership or an Amazon account,” Amazon reported.

Fans can tune in to Garth’s concert on Amazon Prime or Twitch at 7 p.m. EST Friday, November 24.