Garth Brooks’ Daughter Celebrates Major Accomplishment

BelmontVision / YouTube

Garth Brooks must be one proud papa.

He is an open book when it comes to his music, and even his marriage to Trisha Yearwood, but there’s one thing he prefers to keep pretty private – his daughters.

Brooks has three daughters with his first wife, Sandy Mahl – Taylor, August, and Allie, who are the apples of his eye. Almost a year ago, he spoke to his fans about August’s wedding and their father-daughter dance, tearing up almost immediately recalling the special moment.

One of his daughters that quite a few country fans know about is his youngest, Allie. That reason is because she has followed in her father’s footsteps in becoming a singer. She’s been posting videos of her singing to her Facebook page and YouTube channel, where she goes by Allie Colleen, rather than Allie Brooks.

A songwriting major at Nashville’s Belmont University, Allie sat down with a campus show called Inside the Industry to reveal some of her insecurities about being labeled “Garth Brooks’ daughter.”

“When I was little was [when] all my insecurities came from having all of my talent being shadowed by someone in my family,” the young musician revealed. “So, for me, over time it’s been cool for [people’s outlook] to change from ‘Oh! Well your dad’s in the industry, you’re definitely going to make it’ to ‘You’ve definitely got your own talent. I can tell that you’re growing and you’re going to be fine on your own.’”

Well, it looks like all that hard work has paid off because she just graduated from Belmont University and took to Instagram to share her excitement.

Kept my promise, now it’s all about you,” she captioned the happy photo.

Now that she’s graduated college, she can spend all of her time devoted to pursuing a career in songwriting and singing. We are definitely going to keep an eye out for this talented musician! To follow her on Facebook, click here.

Watch Allie perform “Travelin’ Soldier” in the video below.