Free Fishing Days Are Happening This Weekend Across America

Brady Rogers / Unsplash

Get ready to grab a fishing pole and head down to the water because free fishing days are here! All 50 states offer free fishing days that provide everyone the chance to try their hand at fishing. While the rules and dates vary from state-to-state, this is the perfect opportunity to test your skills as an angler.

In places like Virginia, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has made it possible to submit pictures and the size of your fish to see who caught the biggest trophy fish in all the state.

Ryan Brown, Executive Director of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries told NBC29 News,

“Free fishing days are always an excellent opportunity to get out and try fishing for the first time, or to introduce new people to fishing. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and all that Virginia’s outdoors have to offer.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency annually stocks several thousand pounds of catfish for free fishing day. Even though they’ve cancelled all the events they generally host, the free fishing day remains on June 6 and the department was still able to stock up catfish throughout the entire state.

Thousands of people across America participate in the free fishing days each year. To find out when your state is hosting visit TakeMeFishing.

Check out the video tutorial below to learn how to cast a fishing line.