For The First Time Ever, Albino Baby Gators Hatch At A Wildlife Park

Wild Florida / Facebook

Wild Florida, a wildlife alligator park has just announced that for the first time in recorded history, baby albino alligators have been born inside of a wildlife park.

Alligators Blizzard and Snowflake are the parents of four albino gators who were born on Tuesday (August 12th, 2020) at the Wild Florida facility in Kenansville, about an hour from Melbourne.

“This is the most incredible thing we have done,” Wild Florida co-owner Sam Haught said to Florida Today. “Helping create more excitement, interest and casting a bigger spotlight on all crocodilians is just one of the many pieces that speaks to our mission here at Wild Florida.”

What is interesting about these albino alligators is their super white color. Since their skin is sensitive to sunlight, the park gives them a specialized climate-controlled area for them to live.

In May 2020, Wild Florida team grouped the baby alligators eggs together and put them in an incubator. The staff counted 26 eggs and by the end of an 81-day period, the first baby albino alligators opened their eyes.

“These albino babies will definitely inspire our guests,” Haught said to Florida Today. “Our team can’t wait to share these little miracles with everyone.”

Wild Florida park posted a video of the baby alligator and shared the news on Facebook  with the following caption “Snowflake & Blizzard have given us a summer snowstorm!” Take a look at one of their videos below!