Florida Homeowners Covered Walls With Budweiser Cans


In Lake Worth, Florida, there lies a home so perfect for a Budwieser beer lover that on August 19th, 2020, Budweiser found and shared pictures of the home on Facebook.


“Entering the spacious 2BR/2BA corner-unit condo, you immediately reminisce of long road trips and the inevitable belting out of the beloved song, ”99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall!” Kearney & Associates Realty wrote on Realtor.


The home’s interior walls and ceilings are completely covered in Budweiser beer cans. Apparently, the guy who previously lived there was one of Budweiser’s biggest fans and decorated the place with thousands of cans to show his love for the beer.


“Budweiser’s biggest fan meticulously adorned the walls and ceilings with Budweiser beer cans to display and showcase their intense love for one of America’s favorite domestic brews!” Kearney & Associates Realty said.


The home was originally put on the market for $110,000 in August but was lowered to $100,000 in September before selling for an undisclosed amount. Kearney said that after the photos went viral on social media, her inbox became flooded with offers on the property.


The property has since sold, but thankfully there are plenty of pictures remaining online of the condo it all of it’s Budweiser glory. And it’s very impressive to look at. The guy obviously spent an insane amount of time creating it. You can visit Realtor to get all the property details and view pictures of the home sans beer cans.