For First Time In Decades, NASCAR Takes Win Back From ‘Cheater’

Twitter / @NASCAR_Trucks

The first instance in almost 50 years of NASCAR yanking a win from someone who broke the rules has finally happened. And it comes at the height of calls for NASCAR to adjust the punishments to help deter people from getting too cozy with rule-breaking.

Often, fans and outspoken critics have said that NASCAR teams “know they have to cheat to win” and many even say that they do it knowingly. But, it appears that NASCAR is working to thwart that as much as possible.

Officials used driver Ross Chastain’s Truck Series win as an example for how they will be handling things going forward.

Iowa Speedway’s rain-delayed race this past Sunday (NASCAR Truck Series) came to a close with Chastain in the lead and taking top honors…but he was still subject to a post-race inspection as is standard.

Now, just a few days later, and NASCAR’s penalties and violations report has come out – and Chastain’s truck did not meet requirements during the post-race inspection. That violation has now cost him his win.

The last time NASCAR has actually stripped a driver of their win was in 1960, with the most-recent disqualification for any person happening in 1973.

“Basically we have a procedure and rules in place, trucks are restricted on their ride heights, the front and the rear of the vehicles,” NASCAR’s Truck Series Managing Director Brad Moran said, according to Jalopnik.

“Unfortunately the 44 (truck) was low on the front — extremely low. We have a process of what happens at that point. They do get an opportunity to roll around. They put fuel in the vehicle. They put air in the tires.”

“Unfortunately, the 44 did not rise on the front at all.”

Truly, disqualifications are extremely rare in NASCAR, but ever since their announcement earlier this year – people have been keeping a close eye on penalty reports to see just how they are adjusting to catch “cheaters.”

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