Fishing Trip Turns Deadly When Father Of 3 Is Eaten By A Croc

Asfareza Bt Osman / Facebook

A father-of-three was tragically killed by a crocodile in Semporna City, Sabah, Malaysia while fishing with friends.

36-year-old Marvin Susa was fishing in the Pegagau Farm area of Semporna City when he bent down to retrieve his fishing hook that had gotten stuck at the bottom of the estuary.

The crocodile then lunged and pounced on his leg, dragging him into the water.

The attack was captured on camera and the graphic footage showed the crocodile holding Marvin’s body in its jaws before retreating to the bottom of the river.

The search and rescue operation was launched on the same afternoon, but the crocodile fled before the body could be retrieved.

“The victim and his colleagues were fishing at the mouth of the river. The terrible incident occurred when the victim was about to take a fishing hook that felt like it was stuck at the bottom of the estuary,” Superintendent Mohd Farhan Lee Abdullah from Semporna Regional Police Chief said, according to Yahoo News. “The victim’s colleagues could not save him. It happened very quickly.”

The search for the body and the killer crocodile continued two days later.

Superintendent Mohd Farhan Lee Abdullah from Semporna Regional Police Chief issued a warning for locals and visitors to be careful when near rivers or seas, and to avoid areas that are known to be inhabited by crocodiles.

Crocodile attacks are relatively uncommon, but they can be very dangerous when they occur. The best way to avoid a crocodile attack is to be cautious when near water and to avoid going into the water or getting too close to the riverbanks.

Supt Farhan said, “The public should be careful when carrying out activities in the river or sea. Stay away from areas that are home to crocodiles. Do not go into the water, or go too close to the riverbanks.”

People should also avoid areas known to be inhabited by crocodiles, and should be aware of the signs of a crocodile, such as its eyes and nose, which are often visible above the water.

In conclusion, this tragic incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that exist in the wild and the importance of being aware and cautious when near water or in areas known to be inhabited by crocodiles.

The thoughts and condolences of the community go out to Marvin’s family and friends during this difficult time.