Fisherman Eaten By Piranhas After Jumping Into Lake To Escape Bees

Wiki Commons / S7h7a7w7N

A very tragic event took place in Brazil this past weekend when a fisherman was eaten by piranhas after he jumped into a lake to escape a swarm of bees.

The local fire department said that the 30-year-old man was on the lake with his two friends when their boat hit a log that apparently had an active beehive in it.

The disturbed bees quickly began to swarm the men causing them to abandon their boat and jump into the lake in an attempt to getaway.

Two of the men were able to swim back to shore and survive but the third man never made it back. The fishermen contacted the fire department who drove out to the location and they began searching for him.

After several hours of looking, they finally found his body about 13 feet from the shore.

By that time, piranhas had “torn open several parts of the body and tore open the right side of the face,” 7NEWS reported.

Local authorities are currently investigating the man’s death and said they don’t know if he just couldn’t escape the piranhas and they ate him alive or if he drowned first.

When his body was found, they said it was in the “boxer” position, giving it cause to believe that drowning may have been the cause of death. However, the investigation is still ongoing.

Officials have since released the body of the man to his family for funeral arrangements.