Fisherman Accidentally Hooks Great White Shark At Public Beach

@AndrewLuria / Twitter

Kelly Bailey was at the beach with her family this past week when she spotted a man pulling a great white shark out of the ocean and onto the shore.

Astonished by the sight of the big marine animal, she whipped out her phone and began to film the man interacting with it. The video she filmed starts off showing the shark getting pulled towards land and at first, she thought it was a sport fish, however, she soon realizes what the fisherman has accidentally caught.

Kelly told FOX in an email,I then saw a man reeling in a large marine reel and another man running towards the water with a spear. After the man was fighting to reel in what we all thought was a sport fish, I was told by the other man holding the spear that it was in fact a shark.” 

The spectacle happened around 2pm at Tamarack State Beach in Carlsbad, California. Several people gathered around and watched as the fisherman wrangles the shark so that he could take the hook out of its mouth.

“Once it got to the beach, we all could tell it was a great white,” she said.

With the help of another man, he used pliers to safely pull the hook out and then grabbed the shark by the tail to pull it back out into the ocean. He quickly did that and then got out of the shark’s way so it could swim back to its natural environment and live to see another day.

Check out the footage and photos below taken of the event.