First The First Time In 77 Years, Times Square Ball Drop Is Cancelled

Tybanzmedia / Twitter

Almost every year since 1907, thousands and thousands of people from all over the world have packed the streets of New York for the famous New Year’s Eve ball drop. Each year, the celebration seems to get bigger and better than the last but because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s will look a little different.

The countdown to 2021 will still take place, but “visually, virtually and safely,” according to a press release.

The Times Square ball drop was first held on December 31, 1907 and has been held every single year since, with the exception of 1942 and 1943 due to wartime blackouts.

One thing that will never change is the ticking of time and the arrival of a New Year at midnight on December 31st,” Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, said. “But this year there will be significantly new and enhanced virtual, visual and digital offerings to complement whatever limited live entertainment or experiences — still in development — will take place in Times Square.”

Jeff Straus, the president of Countdown Entertainment, which co-produces the event, said, “We will miss everyone this year but we will bring our celebration to you, whether you want to turn off and turn away from the bad news of 2020, or turn to the new year with a sense of hope, renewal and resolution, you’ll be able to join us virtually like never before as part of the Times Square 2021 celebration.”

The celebration, and all the subsequent broadcasts, will have to get super creative on how to entertain people at home for several hours! But seeing as they have a few months to continue to plan, we think they can do it.

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