Fireball Meteor Lights Up Toronto Sky On Wednesday Afternoon

@CNYCentral / Twitter

A big loud boom was heard over central New York on Wednesday (12/2/20) at exactly 12:09pm and it shook homes and businesses all the way to from Syracuse to Liverpool.

Was it a secret military space battle, or was it Super Man entering the earth’s atmosphere? No one truly knows for sure, but Robert Lunsford from the American Meteor Society spoke with CNY and he firmly believes it was “no doubt” a meteor bursting through the earth’s atmosphere.

“It couldn’t have been anything else,” Lunsford told CNY.

Lunsford classified the meteor as a fireball which is a meteor that is very bright. The Onondaga County Sheriff’s office said that they received several calls about hearing and feeling the big boom. Even folks as far away as Oswego and Oneida were calling in to report the weird occurrence.

“Lunsford believes the reason it [the meteor] couldn’t be seen in CNY is because it was overcast and snowing when it broke through the atmosphere,” CNY reported.

However, due to the skies being clear in Toronto, some great footage of the fireball flash was captured on camera by an EarthCam that sits on top of the CN Tower in Toronto. The flash was so bright that it appeared to white everything out for half a second. Take a look at that footage below.