Fire Dept Finds 6-Foot Gator While Responding To Call

@FCDPS / Twitter

Franklin County Department of Public Safety shared a few photos on Twitter of some animals they had to remove from a home after it caught on fire.

@FCDPS / Twitter

The department wrote that they were responding to a phone call on Friday and after they arrived and entered the home, firefighters found Smiley, a 12-year-old alligator.

According to ABC 13 News, the residents of the home said they’ve had the gator as a pet for about 8 years. Along with that reptile, the family also had two black snakes, a copperhead, and a python.

@FCDPS / Twitter

Billy Ferguson, the Franklin County Public Safety Director said there was even a couple of turtles found in the home that the family was keeping as pets. It was a big surprise to the the firefighters who had to wrap the gator’s mouth and carry it out of the home with the other critters.

The department shared a few photos that they took on their official Twitter page FCDPS. It showed two men carrying the 6-foot gator to be transported to a hospital and be treated for any medical reasons. It will be relocated to a natural habitat.

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