Finally! Network Reveals When ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Will Premiere

Yellowstone / Facebook

After what seems like an eternity Paramount has finally broken the silence on when Season 4 of Yellowstone will premiere. Not only have they divulged when we can watch Season 4 with a teaser video, but they also introduced new cast members.

Previous season premieres came out around Father’s Day every year, which has led fans to a lot of confusion and frustration.

But now the question has been answered as a new teaser video was released on Youtube and across the show’s social media platforms.

“Yellowstone Season 4 Coming Fall 2021,” appeared in bold text at the start of the teaser with the simple caption, “Revenge is coming.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new cast members joining Season 4 include Jacki Weaver, Piper Perabo, Kathryn Kelly, and Finn Little.

Now that fans can breathe a little better without the suspense, Paramount has announced the show’s Fourth of July weekend marathon on Paramount Network. Season 1 begins this Saturday, July 3, 2021, at 12 pm ET/PT, Season 2 on Sunday, July 4, 2021, at 12 pm ET/PT, and Season 3 on Monday, July 5 2021 at 12 pm ET/PT.

Watch the teaser for Season 4 in the video below.