Farmer Gets “Grumpy Looking” Cat To Guard Watermelons

Facebook / นายไข่มุก ครับ

Bossy cats establish hierarchies – hierarchies that include not only the other kitties in the household, but often the owner as well.

Kaimook (“Pearl” in English), is a “grumpy-looking cat” according to The Animal Rescue and he went viral on the internet thanks to his amusing pictures taken on his owners’ watermelon farm in Thailand. The owners took these pictures and decided to dedicate a Facebook page around the grumpy cat’s daily activities. Pearl’s bossy attitude while guarding the property led to him becoming a celebrity and received love from both the local community and the internet community.

He loves following his owners around the farm with a bossy attitude, which is where his hilarious watermelon images first got captured. In the videos and pictures shared by the cat owner, Pearl seems to have promoted himself to CEO of the farm and placed the owners, as the employees of his organization.

The cat sits on a small plastic chair as his throne watching the farm owners fertilize the land to make the watermelons grow. He supervises their work to make sure everyone is putting in hard work. Pearl seems to enjoy his job, he started off with just doing pictures and videos but has upgraded to doing TikTok videos.

It’s a hard days work. The growing conditions for watermelons include a lot of sunshine during the day and warm nights. So, after a long day of hard work, Pearl likes to relax on a bench and enjoy a nice drink.

On very hot days, Pearl does not even hesitate to take a cool-down break in front of not one, but three fans, proving who is the watermelon farm boss.

One thing is for sure, Pearl never forgets his mask before going to work!

Watch the video about the grumpy-looking cat from Thailand that went viral on the internet.