Fan Called Out By Miranda Lambert “Won’t Buy Another Ticket” To See Her Live

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Woman Miranda Lambert Called Out For Taking “Selfies” During Her Concert Says She’ll Never Attend Another One Of Her Shows

The internet has been buzzing about a situation that unfolded during a Miranda Lambert concert over the weekend. Lambert was performing for her Velvet Rodeo residency in Las Vegas at the time.

As Lambert sang her 2016 hit “Tin Man,” a group of women in the VIP section stood up to take a photo. Lambert noticed, and stopped singing when she did.


Photo of the "Selfie Girls" taken when Miranda Lambert called them out
lifestyle_with_adela / Instagram

She called them out on their behavior, saying:

“I’m gonna stop right here for a second, I’m sorry. These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song. It’s p—— me off a little bit. I don’t like it. At all. We’re here to hear some country music tonight. I’m singing some country d— music.”

Videos and stories about the incident went viral.


One Of The Women In Photos At Miranda’s Concert Defends Herself & Friends After New Videos Of The “Selfie” Incident Surface

The situation resulted in a lot of discourse. Some people felt Lambert’s response was too intense and unwarranted, while others felt like the ladies were being rude for not paying attention to the show and for potentially disturbing other attendees.

For a bit, the general public seemed to be more in favor of the “selfie girls.” Some people changed their opinion when videos filmed by other concertgoers showed what the women were doing when Lambert called them out.

One person who posted a “different view” of the situation said there were six women involved, and they were “taking multiple selfies, with flash.” They also had their backs to the stage.

Adela Calin was one of the women in the photos. She spoke with TMZ about her experience on Tuesday (July 18), and dismissed the idea that she and her friends were being disruptive.

Calin claimed the whole thing lasted no longer than 30 seconds. She said their VIP area was lower than the seats behind them, so they shouldn’t have been blocking anyone’s view. Calin also claimed she and her friends were actually in the process of sitting down when Lambert called them out.

She addressed the use of the phone camera flash as well. Calin said it probably looks worse than it truly was due to the angle of the photo.

When the TMZ reporters asked Calin if she’s still a fan of Lambert’s, she said, “I won’t buy another ticket to go to her concert.”

Watch a report about the whole ordeal below. Whose side are you on?