Eric Church’s Nashville Bar Sign Mocks Morgan Wallen’s Arrest

(Left Photo) Metro Nashville PD (Right Photo) Payton Muse / Facebook

Eric Church’s new Nashville bar, Chief’s, made its debut last week, and Sunday saw some significant publicity—not all of it positive, but it certainly made headlines.

Late Sunday night, April 7th, Morgan Wallen was arrested for tossing a chair from the rooftop of the 6th floor.

Officers arrested Morgan after the staff identified him as the individual responsible for the incident. The chair landed dangerously close to where they were positioned. Nashville Metro Police confirmed his involvement through security footage, which showed him throwing the chair off the roof.

As reported by News Channel 5 in Nashville, Wallen was charged with three felony counts in the early hours of Monday morning, April 8th.

“Wallen was arrested for three counts of reckless endangerment for the two officers who were in the vicinity and for the danger to the public…Wallen was also charged with disorderly conduct.”

Bystanders captured Wallen’s arrest on camera and shared the videos on social media.

In the footage, he appeared to be fully cooperative with the officers, smiling and engaging with them in what seemed like a friendly manner.



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Morgan Wallen’s attorney issued a brief statement following his arrest.

“At 10:53 p.m. Sunday evening, Morgan Wallen was arrested in downtown Nashville for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. He is cooperating fully with authorities.”

Morgan Wallen has not issued a public statement regarding his arrest.

It was probably not the opening weekend Chief’s had envisioned, but it seems they’ve chosen to embrace the situation nonetheless.

They modified the marquee sign on the bar, changing it from “The Trouble Begins April 5th” to reference their famous Rodney Scott’s barbecue and Morgan’s viral arrest.

“Our Pigs Fly, Our Chairs Don’t”

Naturally, Church and Morgan Wallen share a close friendship.

Their duet “Man Made A Bar” is anticipated to claim the #1 spot on the country charts next week.

Additionally, they announced their partnership in acquiring Field & Stream to revitalize the renowned outdoors brand, establishing themselves as business associates.

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In light of this, it appears that Chief’s will handle this viral incident with composure. Hopefully, without any further disruptions!