Emotions Overcome Amy Earnhardt Talking About Her Love For Dale Jr.

YouTube/Graham Bensinger

In a rare one-on-one interview this famous wife of NASCAR‘s most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., opened up about her marriage and caught herself getting choked up when she promised the interviewer she wasn’t going to cry.

Sitting down for a series of interviews with Graham Bensinger, Amy Earnhardt took her own time telling the sports reporter her own views and feelings on how her life has shaped over the last few years since meeting and falling in love with Dale Jr.

Not only did beautiful Amy Earnhardt sit down with Bensinger, but Dale Jr. gave one of his first in-depth interviews since his retirement and was also joined by his wonderful sister Kelley Earnhardt!

Together, all three of them tell many stories and share moments and memories that have helped them build the incredible business and family they worked so hard for.


In her sit down with Bensinger, Amy opens up about what it was like when she first met Dale Jr. and how their romance flourished as she worked on designing his beautiful North Carolina home – that she now lives in with him and their baby girl, Isla!

She explains how they had instant chemistry and sparks were just electric, how he told her to design the house however she wanted – because she’d be living there, and how precious the moment was when he proposed to her.



Before proposing to Amy, Dale Jr. spent a ton of time researching his own genealogy and family history. He even traced his roots back to a small German village – and decided that he and Amy should go there together.

As she was walking around looking at the church his ancestors worshipped in, he was preparing to ask her the greatest honor in her life – and she had no idea.


Reliving the moment and the words he said to her when asking for her hand in marriage, Amy gets choked up and begins to cry – before laughing about getting emotional and telling the host “I told you I wasn’t gonna cry!” 

The beautiful moment is just one part of her great interview with Bensinger. Watch the full clip below!