Emotional: Hockey Fans Belt Out National Anthem, Overpowering Singer

Nicole Raviv / YouTube

This rendition of the national anthem will give you chills.

Musical artist Nicole Raviv regularly sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Islanders games at the Coliseum in Long Island, New York, but on Wednesday night, June 9, 2021, she was joined by the crowd of 13,917 fans in attendance.

“My heart is full. The coliseum will forever have the best backup singers in the #NHL,” Raviv wrote on Twitter.

There were no technical difficulties that caused the attendees to join in – simply a desire to express their patriotism. Raviv recognized this, backed off the microphone, and allowed the lively hockey fans to sing before Game 6 of the Stanley Cup second-round matchup between the Islanders and Boston Bruins.

Head coach Barry Trotz commented on the fans’ energy and posted on Twitter saying, “What a great atmosphere…it was deafening. I couldn’t hear anything out there, I had some white noise for a while out there.”

Watch the incredible performance below.