Emmy Russell Releases “Breakup Song” Following Idol Audition

American Idol & Emmy Russell / YouTube

During the latest episode of American Idol on Sunday night (Feb. 25), viewers were treated to the presence of Emmy Rose Russell.

Emmy is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter with a deep-rooted musical heritage in country music.

Emmy’s undeniable connection to the genre stems from her family line, which includes legends like Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. While some label her as an indie pop artist, her upbringing and family profoundly shape her musical journey.

Born to Patsy Russell, one of The Coal Miner’s twin daughters and named after Patsy Cline herself, Emmy embodies a rich musical legacy. Though not strictly country, her sound reflects her heritage, enriching her artistic expression.

Emmy Russell’s Idol Audition

During her meeting with judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, Emmy shared that although she isn’t performing live much at the moment, songwriting is her passion.

She also revealed that she spent much of her childhood on the road with her grandmother, none other than Loretta Lynn herself!

Opting for simplicity, Emmy chose to wear a green hoodie and jeans to her audition. She went a step further in her pursuit of authenticity by removing all her makeup, wanting to be recognized as her true self.

“I did have a lot of makeup on for the first…whenever they were taking pictures at the beginning,” she admitted. “By the time that my audition came, I took it all off because I really wanted to be myself and feel like if I got a ‘yes,’ I got a ‘yes’ for me.”

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What Did Emmy Sing During Her Audition?

During her audition, Emmy captivated the judges with her heartfelt performances of two original songs, “Skinny” and “Breakup Song.”

“Breakup Song” emerged from the aftermath of a painful breakup, serving as a raw and honest reflection of her experiences. Meanwhile, “Skinny” delved into the challenges she faced while touring alongside her grandmother, grappling with the intense pressures of the industry that ultimately led to an eating disorder.

Emmy’s sincere storytelling and heartfelt performance gave a glimpse into her artistry, resonating with the judges and viewers alike.

Deservingly so, Emmy earned a “yes” from all three judges!


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The judges praised Emmy’s songwriting and likened her to her grandmother, but also encouraged her to carve her own path in the music industry.

Their words moved Emmy to tears as she wrestled with establishing her own identity separate from her grandmother’s legacy, marking a pivotal moment in her journey toward artistic independence.

Watch Emmy’s audition below.

“Breakup Song” Released

Following her Idol audition, Emmy announced the release of her original song “Breakup Song” for listeners to enjoy.

See a few lyrics from the song below.

“I heard I will always love you, on the way back home from Fairview /
For the first time hoped I’d never be like her /
I know there ain’t no pretending, every word I heard she meant it /
You can’t sing like that unless you know that hurt.”


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Fans eagerly expressed their excitement and support, flooding her Instagram page with comments celebrating the news.

“What a Beautiful song writer and wonderful voice you have!! Future is bright.”
“Congrats. You are a throwback to when talent meant something. Bravo.”
“You have a beautiful voice. Sound amazing, writing is awesome.”
“I know you’re gonna make it big with your voice and writing skills. Keep up the good work.”

Emmy sure inherited the talent gene, and we’re thrilled to see her Idol journey unfold!

Listen to “Breakup Song” below.