Dying Mom Gets Surprise Visit From Real-Life “Bambi”

Lisa McDonald / The Kindness Pandemic / Facebook

An elderly lady who was in palliative care and was expected to pass away soon was very delighted when she was greeted with a surprise that brought her lifelong obsession with the Disney film Bambi to life.

Lisa McDonald / The Kindness Pandemic / Facebook

Lisa McDonald and her sister have been caring for their sick mother and said they were looking for a creative way to make her final days as special as possible.

Lisa’s mother’s favorite animal was a baby deer because of Bambi and so they decided to get the family involved.

“She has Bambi statues everywhere, she is wearing a Bambi T-shirt in her bed,” Lisa wrote in a post to the Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic. “My sister and I and the rest of the family that are supporting us are also wearing Bambi T-shirts… we are calling them our nursing uniforms.”

Lisa McDonald / The Kindness Pandemic / Facebook

They all arrived and surprised her with a visit wearing their Bambi T-shirts and also got someone to bring a real-life baby deer actually named “Bambi.”

“I found a place on Facebook that had a mobile farm for kids birthdays etc. and sent them a message. They had a fawn and were willing to bring her to meet my mum tomorrow. However unfortunately mum deteriorated quickly today,” she said.

In the video, as the deer enters the room and surprises the old woman lying in bed, she gets overjoyed.

The deer reportedly came from a petting farm operated by a couple named Chris and Simone and was an orphaned deer hand-raised by the couple. They drove the deer out to see the woman. 

Lisa McDonald / The Kindness Pandemic / Facebook

The deer was driven two hours from Melbourne “out of pure love and kindness” just to bring a big smile to the deer-loving old woman’s face.

Lisa wrote, “Simone and Chris didn’t hesitate they drove 2 1/2 hours to bring bambi to meet mum. Out of pure love and kindness. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my mum and my family.” 

Four days later, McDonald’s mother passed away peacefully.

“Hi all just wanted to say thank you all for your beautiful wishes for my mum and her getting to meet bambi,” McDonald said in an update. “Mum passed away peacefully and surrounded by love on Tuesday 15th at 2:45 am.”

Watch Footage Of The Deer Below