Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Asks For Prayers – Daughter-In-Law Is Nurse On Front Lines Of COVID-19

Missy Robertson / Instagram

While most of the country has been ordered to stay at home and quarantine themselves to stop further spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, there are a significant amount of people who are being called “front line” workers.

Those people include first responders, nurses, doctors, and other heath care workers.

Many of us know someone who is a front line worker, and we can’t thank them enough for putting themselves in harm’s way to treat the rising number of people who are battling COVID-19.

Someone who is one of the many nurses on the front line is Brighton Robertson, wife to Duck Dynasty star Reed Robertson. Reed and Brighton got married on October 29, 2016 and their wedding was featured in an episode of the reality show.

After they got married, the two moved to Nashville, Tennessee where Brighton attended nursing school at Vanderbilt University, later accepting a job at the hospital when she graduated.

She’s been a nurse there for a little less than a year and has documented some of her work on her Instagram.

On Instagram, her mother-in-law Missy dedicated a post to her and the rest of the front line workers and ask everyone to pray for them.

When your kids are literally on the front line, prayer has a whole new meaning,” she wrote. “Nashville has seen many [COVID-19] cases, and @brightontrobertson is using her high level of skill PLUS her God-given kindness to care for those affected. Please pray for all of our healthcare workers, but I’m asking for an extra prayer for this special one. She’s the best!!!!”

Missy made sure to tell her followers that the photo she shared of her and Brighton was taken on her first day of work as a nurse at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Brighton hasn’t publicly spoken about working in the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic, but she did share a photo of nurses and surgical techs from her hospital praying for their patients on her Instagram story.

See Missy’s full post below.

As the spread of coronavirus continues, please stay home as much as you can, wash your hands, and watch the video below of Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen explaining how to clean your groceries after visiting the supermarket.