“Duck Dynasty’s” Mia Robertson Is Going On Her “Next Big Adventure”

Missy Robertson / Instagram

Duck Dynasty Star Mia Robertson Prepares For “Big Adventure” In Life

Duck Dynasty‘s Mia Robertson has been through a lot in her 20 years of life. Mia was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, and underwent her first surgery at three months of age.

Many more surgeries followed. After undergoing what she hoped would be her final surgery in 2022, Mia underwent another major operation in August 2023.

Mia’s mom, Missy Robertson, told her followers everything went “perfectly” with the surgery. However, Mia had to postpone her return to Lipscomb University in Nashville while she recovered.

We were praying this surgery would be scheduled in time for her to heal before going back to college and were disappointed when we were given the date. However, we are GRATEFUL that Lipscomb helped her transfer to online classes to stay up-to-date through her recovery process… @miarobertson1 is still a part of her Lipscomb community. It’s just going to look a bit different for a few weeks. Sometimes, what looks like a personal disappointment may just be one way God has chosen to use you to further His Kingdom,” Missy said.

Duck Dynasty's Mia Robertson with her mom, Missy
Missy Robertson / Instagram

How Is Mia Robertson Doing Now?

Thankfully, Mia seems to have made a full recovery from her surgery. She returned to college, and now has some big plans in mind for her future studies.

Recently, Missy shared some family photos on Instagram along with an exciting update about Mia. She said the family got together for a celebratory dinner at Mia’s request, as she prepares to embark on her “next big adventure.”

Missy said Mia plans to study abroad this semester! While she didn’t share where Mia’s travels will take her, she expressed her excitement for this new phase in her life.

“A little going-away party as @miarobertson1 flies off to her next big adventure: studying abroad,” Missy said. “One last Tex-Mex meal for a while. She’s gonna miss her queso and there’s a lot of people who will miss her, especially a certain little girl.”

That little girl is Mia’s two-year-old niece, Merris. Missy shared some sweet photos of Mia and Merris enjoying their time together at Mia’s going-away party.

Look below to see the photos Missy shared in celebration of Mia’s “next big adventure.” We wish her the best on her journey!