“Duck Dynasty” Stars Debut New Children’s Book Inspired By Their Son’s Adoption


Jep and Jessica Robertson, known for their family’s hit A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty,” have released a touching new children’s book together titled ‘Dear Valor.’

This project celebrates and openly discusses child adoption, educating families about the importance of opening their homes to a child in need if possible, and providing unconditional love. The inspiration for this book is deeply personal for the Robertsons, who adopted their youngest son, Gus, when he was only three days old.

“We are so excited to share ‘Dear Valor’ with families everywhere,” the Robertsons said in a press release. “Our journey with Gus has been incredibly humbling for us and our other children, and we hope this book will inspire and educate others about the beauty and importance of opening your home and family to a child in need.”


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Published by BRAVE Books, ‘Dear Valor’ tells the story of a tiger named Valor who is adopted by two lions. It captures both the sweet moments and the challenges that come with adoption.

“[There] are challenges that we’ve faced with adoption and him being a black child adopted by a white family,” Jessica revealed to the Daily Wire.

While not directly based on their family, Jessica explained that ‘Dear Valor’ includes “tidbits” from their personal experiences, such as their son noticing he looks different from them. She noted that, much like in the book, Valor “asked questions about looking different from his lion parents.”


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Jessica made it clear that their goal in writing the book was to help kids understand what adopted families go through. They wanted to show that families can be different for everyone, but the love is always there, no matter what.

You can learn more about the Robertson’s new book “Dear Valor” at bravebook.us