Duane & Beth Chapman’s Daughter Looks “Just Like Mom” In New Pic

Cecily B Chapman / Instagram

For years, we’ve watched Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife go after some of the toughest criminals for their job as bounty hunters. The Chapmans have actually always made bounty hunting a family affair. Duane’s kids have often helped them out.

When Beth and Dog got married in 2006, they already had two children together – Bonnie and Garry. Dog also adopted Beth’s daughter Cecily, who she had in 1993.

After Beth’s passing in June 2019, the family was completely heartbroken, but they have worked hard to keep her legacy alive. On the one-year anniversary of Beth’s passing, Cecily put together a paddle out in Hawaii.

She thanked all who attended, writing, “Thank you to everyone that participated in all of yesterday’s events I had a great day filled with love for my mom,” she said. “I wasn’t sad, I was happy to see how many people truly love you…”

Cecily then went on to share her love for her late mother:

“I’ll always be your number one fan mom I love you and miss you like crazy…

Lately, Cecily has been posting photos on Instagram and she has been looking more and more like her mother. We aren’t the only ones who have noticed! In her latest photo, shared on Nov. 4, one person wrote, “Looking so much like your mom,” while another said, “You look very beautiful just like your mom in this picture.”


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Yesterday’s lunch date at Sura’s with @blainekjr ? #iLyB

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This isn’t the first time fans have seen a resemblance. In a post on July 18, 2019, a fan commented, “Oh my goodness you, look JUST like your beautiful mother right her.” Check out that photo below.


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