Drunk Guy Gets Pelted In The Face With White Claw

Instagram / @taylorjensen1284

Nashville, known for its vibrant party scene, recently witnessed a showdown that epitomizes the clash between rowdy tourists and exasperated locals. Picture this: a bus packed with partygoers, cruising through the city streets, when an SUV pulls up beside it. What unfolds next is a spectacle that will leave you in stitches.

The star of the show is an exuberant gentleman, sporting a blue shirt, who is clearly on a whole different level of intoxicated. With a beer in hand, he attempts to rouse the occupants of the SUV with his enthusiastic energy. Eager to share the party spirit, our intoxicated bro decides to launch a beer through the car window, aiming for an instant connection with his unsuspecting targets.

However, fate had other plans. The brew, flung with the grace and precision of a professional athlete, swiftly returns to its sender, smacking the poor guy square in the face. It was as if Tom Brady himself had thrown it back! Ouch.

Instagram / @taylorjensen1284

Thankfully, the bus driver, who sports a glorious mullet (a true legend in his own right), steps in to assess the situation. He valiantly retrieves the shattered remnants of the guy’s sunglasses, sent flying by the unexpected impact.

Although the video doesn’t capture the ensuing conversation, we do have some juicy details thanks to Taylor Jensen, the TikTok user who shared the clip. It seems that both the bus driver and the occupants of the SUV reached out to Taylor after the video went viral.

Here’s the scoop: The inebriated reveler on the party bus decided to launch an open beverage (brace yourselves, folks—it was a White Claw) at an unsuspecting occupant of the SUV. The recipient, who was clearly caught off guard, retaliated by hurling the Claw right back out of the window—directly into our hero’s face. Talk about swift justice!

As for the bus driver, who goes by the name Caleb, he did his best to defuse the situation before ultimately booting the drunken troublemaker off the bus. Surprisingly, even the guy’s companions on the bus were relieved to see him go, considering his level of intoxication and obnoxious behavior.

Taylor had some words of wisdom for the party bus protagonist: “You need to learn to control your alcohol and how to act, cause that’s just ridiculous.” Sage advice indeed, Taylor.

Remember, my fellow White Claw drinkers, while there may not be laws when it comes to enjoying those refreshing cans of Claw, there are certainly consequences. So, let this be a cautionary tale—a viral moment that reminds us all to drink responsibly and avoid the embarrassment of taking a can straight to the face.

In the vibrant tapestry of Nashville’s party scene, this incident shall forever be remembered as the great “White Claw Whackdown.” Stay tuned for more tales of wild adventures and unexpected mishaps as we navigate the thrilling world of White Claw stories. Cheers!

Watch The Drunkin’ Can Throw Encounter Video Below