Drink A Beer With Buddies On This Floating Picnic Table

Rhino Building Products / Sams Club

Sam’s Club has the perfect thing this summer to get your family and friends out of the house and on the lake or your local watering hole. It’s called the Floating Picnic Table.

“This table is a great hanging out spot on the water! My kids played their (waterproof) cards and had snacks, and we all used it as a fun resting & playing spot while swimming around. It was more stable than I thought it would be,” a customer wrote¬†in a review on the product on the Sam’s Club¬†website.

Rhino Building Products / Sam’s Club

The Rhino Building Product created the Floating Picnic Table to be durable, washable, and lightweight. It can hold up to four adults with a combined weight of up to 600 pounds. So really it can fit up to six people if they are lightweight or children.

“Love it, so much fun!” another customer wrote in a review. “Can squeeze 6 in if not social distancing. You can kick your feet to move around the pool or lake. Wish I would have known about it and bought it years ago when the kids were younger.”

Rhino Building Products / Sam’s Club

The float is 96″ x 60″ x 20″ and weighs just 65lbs. One of the coolest features about it is it has eye hooks on each side so you can hook a cooler to it and safely secure your food and keep drinks cold. It also has cup holders on top of the table so your drinks don’t fall off.

“Maximize your fun in the sun with Rhino Building Product’s Floating Picnic Table designed for safety, durability, and convenience,” Sam’s Club wrote on their website. “It provides a stable, easy-to-clean dining spot in your favorite watering hole.”

Rhino Building Products / Sam’s Club

This product was built to last and give your family many years of good times on the water. It can currently be purchased on the Sam’s Club website for $598. Customers have written reviews about their experience with it.