Dolly Parton & Her Husband’s Favorite Date Night Restaurant Is Taco Bell

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Parton Enjoys Casual Date Nights With Dean

Even though Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean, have been married since 1966, country fans hardly ever seen him. That’s because Dean has decided to stay out of the spotlight, and keeps to himself at home while Parton travels the world for performances and events.

But when she isn’t on the road, Parton enjoys nothing more than relaxing at home with Dean. After all this time, the two of them still make a point to go on dates together, but they keep everything fairly low-key.

Back in 2016, Parton spoke with SiriusXM host Andy Cohen about her and Dean’s favorite place to go to dinner together. And it’s probably the last place you ever imagined!

The Deans’ Go-To Place To Eat

Parton may be a multi-millionaire with a mega empire, but her date nights with Dean are far from lavish. That’s just the way she likes it.

As she told Cohen, she and Dean love to load into their RV and hit up one of the most popular fast food chains in the country…Taco Bell.

Yes, you read that right. Turns out that just like the rest of us, Parton finds it impossible to resist those cheap and delicious tacos you can get at Taco Bell.

I love their tacos,” she said. “They also have little pizzas that I love.”

Their date nights may be at a casual location, but knowing how much Parton likes to get all dolled up, does she still dress to the nines for those outings? She answers that question too.

Does She Get All Dolled Up?

This also may come as a surprise to you, but Parton sees no need to get all made up for a taco run with Dean.

I usually wear my hair up in a scrunchie and a little bit of makeup,” she said. “I don’t look like I’m going on stage.”

Because she isn’t all made up in her signature style, Parton says that the drive-through workers don’t always recognize her. And she even sits in the front seat!

Sometimes they know me, sometimes they don’t,” she said.

She later went on to add that when people do recognize her, she’s more than happy to sign autographs for them. “Sometimes I sign autographs on napkins,” she said. “I don’t mind any of that, but I really get mad if they mess up my order.”

We completely understand where she’s coming from there!

After half a century of marriage, we’re sure Parton and Dean have enjoyed many Taco Bell date nights together. Sounds like a perfect way to spend some time together!