Dolly Parton Celebrates Easter By Singing “He’s Alive”

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Dolly Parton Shares Easter Joy In 2020 Performance Of “He’s Alive”

Dolly Parton spread some Easter joy during a difficult time through a beautiful performance of “He’s Alive.”

Easter looked a little different in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People couldn’t go to church or join their families for brunch.

Dolly Parton performed "He's Alive" from home on Easter in 2020 since people couldn't get together to celebrate
Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

But although it was an Easter in isolation, folks took to social media to ensure no one felt alone.

On Easter Sunday in 2020, celebrities and everyday people shared messages of faith, hope, and love to make the holiday less lonely. Some singers even filmed home performances of Easter songs to help lift spirits.

One such artist was Dolly Parton, who filmed a faith-filled performance in her home studio to share with fans on Easter.

The song Parton performed was “He’s Alive.” She included the song on her 1989 album White Limozeen. Don Francisco wrote the powerful track.

If you’ve heard Parton sing “He’s Alive” before, we’re sure you’ve gotten goosebumps. You’ll likely have the same reaction when you see her acoustic, home performance of the song.

Dolly Shares Hopeful Easter Message

With nothing but her guitar to back her up, Parton delivered her gentle rendition of “He’s Alive.” As she noted while introducing the song, she usually sings it with a choir, but obviously couldn’t have one join her then.

The stripped arrangement gave her voice the chance to stand out and soar. It resulted in an extra passionate performance. 

It was uplifting enough to hear Dolly Parton sing “He’s Alive” in such a way. But it was also inspiring to hear what she had to say in a preface to her performance.

She first spoke about everything people missed that Easter: the chance to wear their fancy dresses and hats, their church services, and their Easter egg hunts.

Then, she made a point that we don’t need those things to celebrate what Easter is truly about:

Well, this year we’re gonna kinda stay around the house a little bit, right? But that doesn’t mean we can’t worship in the same way that we should. Because we don’t have to go to a building, to a church, to worship God. The kingdom of heaven is within.”

You can watch Dolly Parton worship from home by tuning in to her Easter performance of “He’s Alive” below. It’s such a powerful thing to witness.