Dog’s Mischievous Chew-Spree Caught On Camera

Marc King - Fife jammer locations / Facebook

Locals in Fife, Scotland were left amused after a photo of a dog that had chewed through a front door in Kelty went viral on social media.

The photo of the pooch was taken by passer-by Marc King and shared on the popular Facebook page “Fife jammer locations.” The image shows the dog with its head and paw hanging out of a hole in the door, appearing as if it was trying to escape the home.

Suzanne, the owner, said her son got a call from locals saying “your dog is chewing his way through the door,” while she left for just 30 minutes to drop the kids off at school.

Suzanne told STV, “It was Thursday morning. We went out to drop the kids off and left the dog in for half and hour. He started at the letterbox, ripped that out, and got to work on the rest of the door. He just missed his mummy. I think the postman walked by but avoided going to the door.”

After getting reposted to the Facebook page “Fife jammer locations,” it received over 800 comments and 2,900 interactions, leaving people in hysterics. Some users claimed to have seen the dog during their walks, while others joked about their own mischievous pets.

One Facebook user wrote that they walked past the dog and it was just sitting with its tongue out looking around. Another commented on the post saying that they were wondering what they were hearing earlier, while another gushed that they loved the image.

One user even joked that their dog was just as bad and posted a photo of their own pet poking his head through the doggy door.

The post captioned by Fife jammer locations read, “Different kind of ring doorbells in Kelty.”

The incident has brought a smile to the faces of many in the community and has sparked discussions about pet behavior.

It is not known what happened to the dog or if it was returned to its owner, but it is certain that it will go down in Kelty’s history as the dog that chewed through a front door.

The incident serves as a reminder of the humorous side of life and the importance of sharing light-hearted moments on social media.

Watch Footage Of The Dog Chewing Through The Door Below