Dog The Bounty Hunter Reacts To Death Hoax – Shares Photo With Note Reading “I’m Alive”

KTLA 5 / YouTube

In September, Duane “Dog” Chapman was rushed to the hospital after experiencing serious chest pains. It was originally thought that the Dog the Bounty Hunter star had suffered a heart attack, but tests proved that was not the case.

Instead, Dog learned he is suffering from a pulmonary embolism, which The Mayo Clinic describes as “a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in your lungs.”

Dog appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, and Dr. Oz went over his lung scans with him. He warned the TV star about the serious nature of his condition:

The problem with these clots is when they block off the arteries, they don’t let any oxygen get to the lungs. There are plenty of folks who died from these emboli,” Dr. Oz said.

Dr. Oz encouraged Dog to stop smoking, and he has been working on that. He has also taken other steps to better his health, telling ET the has started exercising regularly.

In an interview with People Now, Dog also said he is taking a step back from bounty hunting for the time being, since he is “supposed to relax and not run down someone.”

It seems these steps have led Dog to an improved state of health. On November 19, he took to Twitter to thank fans for their prayers and well-wishes, saying he is “FEELING MUCH BETTER” now. He mentioned his plans to work out later that day.

Despite this recent message from Dog, a rumor started to circulate on Facebook that he had passed away. Of course, this rumor worried fans, who wondered if the news is true.

Thankfully, it isn’t, and Dog dismissed the hoax on Wednesday (November 20). He sent a picture to TMZ to confirm he is alive and well.

The photo shows Dog holding up a current newspaper as well as a simple sign that reads “I’m Alive!” Dog later shared the same photo on his official Instagram account. He thanked TMZ for spreading the news of his well-being in his caption to the picture.

We’re happy to hear that the rumor of Dog’s death wasn’t true, and that he seems to be in better health now!

Check out the video below to hear him discuss his health and his feelings about death in another interview with Dr. Oz. We’ll be praying for Dog’s continued healing and health.