Dog Steals The Show In Utah Track Event, Outruns 1st Place Runner

MileSplit / YouTube

Gracie Laney’s experience at a track event in Utah will be forever remembered as one of the most unique and amusing moments in her running career.

Laney, a senior runner from Logan High School, was on her way to a first-place finish when she was unexpectedly outrun by a little dog named Holly.

The small pooch had broken free from its owners and decided to join in on the race. Holly ran past two other participants and caught up to Laney, much to her surprise.

MileSplit / YouTube

The video footage shows Holly running neck in neck with Laney, and even passing her to come in first place.

“After watching the video, I thought, ‘Holy cow, that dog is so fast,’” Laney stated. “So I thought it was kind of funny [that] I got beat by a dog.”

Laney heard the crowd’s reaction to Holly’s reunion with her rightful owner, and she thought it was just a typical audience reaction to her winning the race. However, the crowd was actually cheering for Holly, who had managed to find her way back to her owner.

Laney never found out who owned Holly, but she was overjoyed knowing that the beloved pup was reunited with its owner. Laney said she hopes to one day meet up with Holly again and take a selfie together.

Watch Footage Of The Dog Winning The Race Below