Dog Gets Shocked Peeing On Electric Fence

magnum33563 / YouTube

The internet is full of entertaining videos that can make us laugh and brighten up our day. One of those videos posted to YouTube back in 2011 called, “Dog pees on electric fence,” has become quite popular and to this day and has collected more than 27 million views.

In this video, we see a black boxer dog walking up to an electric fence while sniffing around before lifting up its leg to do its business on the fence and getting a shocking surprise in the process.

The poor pooch ran off in terror after the traumatizing shock while his owner laughed asking the dog, “What was that? What was that?” Fortunately, the dog seemed just fine and was understandably shaken up about what just happened.

magnum33563 / YouTube

While it was amusing to watch the dog get zapped by an electric fence, we’re sure it was a very painful experience for the animal. Electric fences are designed to keep livestock and other animals from escaping, and they definitely deliver a noticeable shock when touched.

Dogs, being curious creatures, may not understand the danger of electric fences and could get hurt by them. Some may be curious why would a dog pee on an electric fence in the first place? It all comes down to their natural instincts and behavior.

Dogs are territorial animals, and they mark their territory by urinating on objects, including fences. When a dog pees on an electric fence, it may be trying to assert its dominance over the area or warn other animals to stay away.

However, dogs may also be attracted to the smell of the electrical current running through the fence, which could prompt them to investigate and potentially get shocked. Additionally, some dogs may simply be unaware of the electric fence and accidentally urinate on it, leading to a painful experience.

Watch The Viral Footage Below Of Dog Peeing On Fence